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Run Speed Test

Dude I'm loving this game rust right now.

I Hope that 2019 will be filled with awesome people and happy times!

The latest DUI event was a ton of fun

hi Alan!


Dude This is going to be amazing

Hello Isaac,

I hope all is going well on your end. This is godspeed and i am back after several years. Would like to chat with you and see how are things. Please let me know how i can reach you and how the community is doing?

This movie was amazing

This may be a lost cause. But whatever Ive always wanted to create my own social media system since myspace.

Show up for work early sit here wondering what I'm doing with my life...

Getting up at 6am everyday feels hard as shit. But I believe it will be worth it in the end.

Man the Maze runner series was a good show.

I was worried the movie was going to ruin those cute little ponies. Turns out Season 8 is Awesome!

Why are there so many stupid people on this planet

"The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help." - Regan

Happy Birthday Ron.

You all need to be ready for the Smartthings revolution. This shit will change how you operate in the world.

A four-way stop has the principle of the first in first out however the car is going straight get a higher priority than the cars turning why can't people get that through their heads why do they forget the second Clause of a four-way stop action I don't understand it

Testing Robots. Dont mind me

gay penguin




Hi Spencer!

Hi Alan!

Hi Veggie!

Dude this was an amazing moment.

Hi dune!

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